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Arm/Leg - Half/Full Wax

$50 - $90

Arm/Leg - Half/Full Wax

Waxing for:

  • ARM - HALF: $55 (Upper or lower arm)

  • ARM - FULL: $80 (Includes underarm)

  • LEG - FULL: $90 (Includes bikini line)

  • LEG - HALF: $50 (Upper or lower leg)


  • Smooth and Hair-Free Skin: Experience smooth and hair-free arms or legs after waxing, achieving a clean and polished look.

  • Longer Lasting Results: Enjoy weeks of hair-free skin, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and ensuring long-lasting smoothness.

  • No Stubble Regrowth: Unlike shaving, waxing removes hair from the root, preventing stubble regrowth and maintaining smoother skin for a longer period.

  • Softer Regrowth: Waxing often leads to softer regrowth compared to shaving, resulting in less prickly and coarse hair as it grows back.

  • Reduced Ingrown Hairs: Waxing helps reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs, promoting smoother and more even skin texture.

  • Exfoliation Benefits: Waxing also provides exfoliation benefits by removing dead skin cells along with the hair, leaving the skin feeling softer and smoother.

  • Improved Skin Appearance: Regular waxing can improve the overall appearance and texture of the skin, making it look healthier and more radiant.

  • Professional Service: Receive professional waxing services from trained estheticians in a comfortable and hygienic environment, ensuring a pleasant and effective hair removal

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