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Brow Tint


Brow Tint

Brow tinting lasts 4-6 weeks, using Intensive Lash & Brow tint for quick developing times and lasting results.


  • Defined Brows: Tinting adds depth and definition to brows, accentuating your natural arches and framing your face.

  • Long-Lasting Color: Enjoy beautifully tinted brows for 4-6 weeks, reducing the need for daily brow makeup.

  • Quick Development: Intensive Lash & Brow tint offers quick developing times for efficient salon visits.

  • Natural Look: Achieve a polished look without the harshness of pencils or powders, maintaining a natural appearance.

  • Time-Saving: Eliminate the hassle of daily brow grooming, saving time during your morning routine.

  • Versatile Options: Choose from a range of tint shades to match your hair color or desired look, customizing your brow enhancement.

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