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Lash Lift with Tint


Lash Lift with Tint

Lash lifting is the art of perming your lashes curled, appearing longer and fuller for up to 8 weeks using SugarLash Pro products. Lash and brow tinting uses Intensive Lash & Brow tint for lasting results.


  • Enhanced Curl: Lash lifting creates a natural curl, making lashes appear longer and fuller without the need for extensions.

  • Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy beautifully lifted lashes for up to 8 weeks, enhancing your eyes' appearance with minimal maintenance.

  • Youthful Look: Lifted lashes open up the eyes, giving a more youthful and awake appearance.

  • Customized Tinting: Brow and lash tinting with long-lasting color enhances definition and depth, framing the eyes for added impact.

  • Quality Products: SugarLash Pro products ensure a safe and effective treatment for stunning results.

  • Convenience: Skip daily mascara and lash curling routines with effortlessly lifted and tinted lashes.

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